The problem

Feel like your business is running you rather than you running your business?

Let us help!  Professional EOS Implementation to help you Get a Grip on your business.

We help organizations Clarify and gain Traction™ on their Vision while creating a Healthy and engaging workplace for your team!    At Tribridge Solutions we help you get your business where you always dreamed it would go.

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The Why

Part of our why is to help you find yours

When entrepreneurs and their teams don’t know “why” they do what they do everyone feels disengaged.  We believe that everyone, regardless of your role, can feel a sense of belonging to something that’s contributing to “the greater good”.  The problem is it’s not often clear.  We help you identify what that is and when you do, everyone is more engaged!

Real. Simple. Results.

The What

Simply put, we help you achieve Vision, Traction, Healthy

Using a set of proven principles brought to life with practical tools in a simple – but not easy – framework called The Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) we help organizations achieve:


Everyone rallied around a common, clearly defined vision and a plan on how to achieve that vision.


Instilling a system that creates alignment, inspires discipline and fosters accountability for everyone on the team.


Developing a cohesive leadership team which breeds unity throughout the organization.

We're bridging organizational gaps with EOS

Do any of these "Organizational Gaps" resonate with you?

We're bridging organizational gaps with EOS

Here are some common "Organizational Gaps" that may resonate with you

The Entrepreneurial Operating System

EOS is a set of timeless concepts and practical tools that have helped countless entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses. Over 100,000 organizations are successfully running on the EOS model.  By learning this simple way of operating, leadership teams ready to advance their businesses will consistently and permanently improve. 

With a Professional Implementer

After 20+ years as an entrepreneur in five businesses, (some successful, some not so much) I get it. I understand the challenges of running a business. My passion is twofold: to help you, the courageous entrepreneur, get more of what you want from your business; and to help you create an engaging and fulfilling work environment for your team. That’s the power of EOS!

Client testimonials

Check out what some of our clients and others running on EOS have to say.

Working through the EOS process with Jon has been amazing on so many levels. Jon is a true professional who is always upping his game and inspiring me to up mine as a business owner and leader. The EOS process has aligned our team around the same goals, brought clarity to where we are going and what we can do to get there and we are finally experiencing real traction in our marketing agency. Can't recommend highly enough!
We were in transition as a company between growth and restructuring our facility. We felt like we were always spinning our wheels and didn't have as much control over the company as we would like. We reached out to Jon at Tribridge who introduced us to EOS. It was an easy decision and have really enjoyed the process so far. Our Level 10 Meetings are helping us gain traction in our company. Communication between our leadership group has improved and the new system in place has allowed us to focus our energy on clearly defining our goals and taking the proper steps to achieve them.
Jon does a great job leading planning sessions, vision building discussions, and encouraging healthy disagreement. He knows when to interject, and when to let the leadership team hash things out on their own. Jon also leads same-page meetings and helps to get the leadership team rowing in the same direction. If you are looking for a business consultant, I highly recommend giving Tribridge Solutions a try!
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