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Based in Barrie, Ontario, Jon has two passions that are the driving force behind his work – the first, to help business owners and leadership teams become their best; and the second – a natural result of the first – to help leaders create fulfilling and engaging workplaces for their teams.  Teaching, facilitating and coaching leadership teams of small and mid-size businesses in Central Ontario is not only something he loves, but something that has grown out of real-life experiences as an entrepreneur.  

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Jon has been a partner in five businesses ranging from real estate ventures to dealerships to manufacturing.  Two were successful, and three were great learning experiences! As a small business coach, Jon understands what drives an entrepreneur as well as the many challenges they face – from the pressure of making payroll and meeting customer deadlines, to the stress of leading people and keeping a steady stream of work flowing. For Jon, being a business coach is the fruition of years of experience and many hard lessons learned.  Today, he is passionate about serving other business owners and managers in Barrie and beyond – not just as a certified EOS implementer, but as a fellow entrepreneur who understands. 

A small business coach who gets it

For 12 years, Jon served as the CEO of an equipment design and manufacturing company.  Working alongside a dedicated business partner and the help of an incredible integrator,  he successfully transformed the culture, developed a great team and grew the business from 1.5 million to a profitable 7 million.  

However, the business then hit a ceiling.  It became apparent that the two partners were no longer on the same page with where to take the company.  After making some tough decisions, scaling back the company and selling off a portion of the business, they agreed on a plan to part ways.

When deciding what the next chapter would look like, Jon knew there was one non-negotiable. He wanted to find the intersection where passion meets strengths!  While piecing together a business coaching program to help companies in Barrie and beyond bridge organizational gaps between owners, managers and workers, Jon was introduced to the EOS business coaching model for entrepreneurs.  He instantly knew that becoming a business coach was his new calling, and that EOS was the glue that connected everything he’d learned about leadership and running a great business together into one system.  

Today, as an experienced business coach, entrepreneur and Professional EOS implementer, Jon works with leadership teams in Central Ontario fulfilling his two passions:  helping leaders become their best while creating great places to work. By helping teams implement the EOS model,  Jon is offering coaching for small businesses that can truly move the needle and bring transformative growth in the workplace. 

Jon lives in Barrie, Ontario with his beautiful wife Kristin and four wonderful teenage kids – loving life!

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Jon Weening the owner of Tribridge Solution

Business coaching with purpose

Our mission

We work with you to bridge the many gaps that so often exist within organizations by providing the practical tools, training and facilitation that help you achieve Vision – Traction – Healthy. Our business coaching program will help you build strength and unity in your team.

Our why

Too many entrepreneurs wonder why they even bother, and too many employees wonder if what they do each day even matters.  Our workplace coaching method helps organizations gain clarity on their “why” and how it drives them forward.

Our foundation

“Look!” he said. “The people are united, and they all speak the same language. After this, nothing they set out to do will be impossible for them! Genesis 11:6 NLT

Who We Are

Core values.

Every company has values – but not all companies have identified them. Values are key for recruiting, leading and operating your organization. 

At Tribridge, our business coaching program is based on the principles that guide everything we do. 

H.I.R.E Character

We do the right thing & do what we say - Honesty, Integrity, Respect & Ethics are key.

Humbly Confident

We believe in what we do, but certainly know we don't have all the answers.

Pay it Forward

Help first, prioritizing value to others over personal interests & gain.

Grow or Die

Always aspiring to reach the next level for ourselves and our clients.

Just Say It

Radical candor respectfully delivered with noble intentions.

Assess. Understand. Improve

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