The Blame Game

It doesn’t matter whose fault it is…or does it? Have you ever been on a team where things were not going well and one or two people seemed more concerned about making sure they didn’t get blamed for anything instead of focusing on solving the problems? This drives me CRAZY,

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Monkey in the Middle…of the Tree

Do you lead like you’re in a tree of monkeys?    If you’re a leader or mid-level manager (360° leader), don’t lead like you’re in a tree of monkeys as Simon Sinek talks about in his book Start With Why.  Where the leaders at the top look down and see

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Unified or Afraid of Conflict?

Is your team truly unified, or just afraid to speak up for fear of hurting someone’s feeling or starting an argument?  If you’re not careful or don’t know how to cultivate a culture of healthy conflict a team with a fear of conflict will appear to be unified…but in reality

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